Alicia de Gonzalez
Anna Duncan
Ellen Coughran
Checklist for Submitting Promotion & Tenure Files
Contact List - Dean's Advisory Committee
Course Buyout Rates, Internal
Course Releases (TTF), Guidelines on
Dean's Memo - Budget and Nonrenewals (March 2017)
Defining the Role of the Academic Unit Manager
Department Head and Large Program Director Compensation Schedule
Department Head/Large Program Director Appointment Memo Template
Department Head/Program Director Job Description
Joint Appointment Memorandum of Understanding Template
Leave Without Pay Agreement - CAS supplement to AA form
MyTrack Approval Processes
NTTF (Pro Tem and Career) Evaluation Template
NTTF Merit Summary
Onboarding Checklist - Department Head/Program Director
Onboarding Checklist - Faculty
Personnel Records File Content
Personnel Records Management
Position Description for Dean for Faculty and Operations
Position Description for Divisional Deans
Program Director Appointment Memo Template
Program Director Compensation Schedule
Promotion & Tenure Guidance for Heads 2019-20
Promotion & Tenure Reviewer Checklist
Tenure Reduction Agreement Addendum (CAS-specific)
Tenure Track Job Ad Template
Policy on Course Buyouts
Policy on Endowed Faculty Positions
Policy on Externally Funded Fellowships
Policy on Joint Appointments
Policy on Leave Without Pay
Policy on Payroll Request Forms
Policy on Personnel Actions in Deans' Home Departments
Policy on Retention Offers
Policy on Review of Faculty Who Hold Current or Recent Administrative Appointments
Policy on Sabbatical Supplements
Policy on Salary Increases for Department Heads
Policy on Space Allocation
Policy on Study Terms for Department Heads
Policy on Summer Department Head and Coordinator Stipends
Policy on Visiting Professor Hires in the College of Arts and Sciences
Statement of Faculty Responsibilities
Annual Reviews for Untenured Tenure Track Faculty
Career Non-Tenure Track Faculty Contract Renewal, Review and Promotion
Career Non-Tenure Track Faculty FTE Increase/Decrease/Separation
Career Non-Tenure Track Hires
Classified Employee Separation
Classified Employees
Classified Hire Packet
Classified Searches
Contract Renewal Reviews for Tenure Track Untenured Faculty
Contract Renewals for Unclassified Employees
Courtesy Appointments
Department Head and Program Director Compensation
Department Manager Vacancy
Emeritus Status Request
Faculty Pay Action Form
Graduate Teaching Fellow Recruitment, Appointment and Evaluation
GRF Level III Grant Tuition Support
Hiring Non-Resident Tenure Track Faculty
Hiring Pro Tem NTTF
Informal Offer Letter for Tenure Track Faculty
Initiating the Career NTTF Search
Initiating the Officer of Administration Search
Initiating the Tenure-Track Hire
Moving Expenses
Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Notification of Contract Renewal/Non-Renewal for Career NTTF
Officer of Administration Performance Reviews
Officer of Administration Separation
Officers of Administration
Other Classified Processes
Payroll Request Forms (PRFs)
Pro Tem FTE Increase/Decrease/Separation
Pro Tem Pool Postings
Pro Tem Reviews and Contract Renewal
Promotion and Tenure
Retention Offers and Salary Increases
Retirement and Tenure Reduction Program
Search Committees
Sick Leave and Short-Term Absences for Faculty
Summer Research Appointments
Summer Term Coordinator Stipend
Summer Term Faculty Teaching Appointments
Tenure for New Hires
Tenure Track Faculty Separation
Tenure-Track Faculty
Third and Sixth Year Post-Tenure Review
Review Schedule for TTF