01/19/2018 (All day) - Leave Without Pay Requests for 2017/18 due to Dean's Office
Last update: 06/22/2017 - 3:02pm

Firm Requests

Tenure track faculty and some career non-tenure track faculty are eligible to be considered for sabbatical following at least six years of employment at .50 FTE or greater. For your faculty applying for sabbatical in the next academic/fiscal year, please send the following to the Dean's Office by the stated deadline:

  • Sabbatical Application and Contract for Bargaining Unit Faculty OR Sabbatical Application and Contract for Non-bargaining Unit Faculty, available on the Human Resources website.
  • Statement of purpose for the sabbatical. This statement needs to include a description of the faculty member's current teaching, research, and professional activities relevant to the leave.
  • Current CV
  • Printout of CASweb Sabbatical Eligibility Report showing eligibility on or before the requested dates. This report is linked to the right.

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to check their sabbatical eligibility prior to submitting an application. The Dean's Office will not process sabbatical applications that do not have the CASweb Sabbatical Eligibility Report attached.

Academic Affairs will not accept sabbatical applications after the last working day in February.

Preliminary Requests

If the faculty member's decision to go on sabbatical is contingent on outside factors such as a grant or a fellowship, s/he may submit a preliminary request for sabbatical with the CASweb eligibility printout attached. The preliminary request must be followed up with the application and contract as soon as possible.


Faculty on a one-term sabbatical will receive 100% of their salary. Faculty on a two-term sabbatical will receive 75% of their salary. Faculty on a three-term sabbatical will receive 60% of their salary.

The unit must submit a PRF to the Dean's Office to effect this change, by the 5th of the month prior to the first month of the sabbatical. You need to do a PRF even for a one-term sabbatical, to update the salary account code to 10123. The sabbatical PRF should include the following information:

  • Job change reason: Sabbatical Begins.
  • Position: Employee's 9-month position and suffix.
  • Dates: Contract dates for the academic terms of the sabbatical.
  • Title: 9-month academic title (Associate Professor, etc.).
  • Appt %: 100 for a one-term sabbatical; 75% for a two-term sabbatical; 60% for a three-term sabbatical.
  • Labor distribution: Generally same as usual or department OPX index. Account code 10123.
  • Documentation: Copy of approved sabbatical application.


If a faculty member's plans change after the sabbatical has been approved, the department should submit a new sabbatical application packet. Mark the top of the Sabbatical Application and Contract clearly with "REVISED." 

If a faculty member who has received approval for sabbatical wishes to cancel or alter that sabbatical plan more than 90 days after the Dean's Office approval of the initial plan, changes to the approved plan may require a reduction in the requesting faculty member's workload and compensation to account for any measures already taken by the unit to cover the faculty member's teaching or other professional responsibilities during the approved sabbatical leave period.


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