Policy on Retention Offers

Last update: 09/24/2018 - 4:18pm

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Reason for Policy

To define and clarify the process and criteria for making a retention offer when a CAS faculty member is being actively recruited by another institution

Enactment & Revisions

Enacted: 04/25/2016

Policy Statement


When a faculty member in your unit is being actively recruited by another institution, or is considered a retention risk for other reasons, the department head should notify the
Divisional Dean as soon as possible.

Work closely with the Divisional Dean throughout the retention process, referring to the procedures outlined by the Office of the Provost (see link to the right).  Retention offers approved by the Dean must be submitted to the Office of the Provost with the Retention Request Approval Form.

Any requests for retention raises must be made through the appropriate department head or program director.  Retention offer requests will be considered by the Dean in the context of elements such as

  • an official, written outside offer
  • recruited faculty member’s performance within the department
  • outside offer compensation relative to compensation structure within the department (compensation includes such things as salary, start-up funds, research accounts, facilities, course releases, etc.)
  • quality of institution making the outside offer
  • comparability of the institution making the outside offer to the UO
  • comparability of the position to the faculty member’s current position (for instance, an administrative position is not typically comparable to a research/teaching faculty position)
  • cost of living differential between Eugene and outside offer location.

For example, an outside offer from an institution that is not comparable to the University of Oregon or at a compensation level below the current compensation level of the faculty member will not be countered.

The Dean will consider retention offers for an individual only once in a five-year period.

Salary Increase

If a salary increase is approved, the department is responsible for submitting the Payroll Request Form for the salary increase, in time to be processed by the effective date of the increase.