Welcome to CASweb, the administrative website of the College of Arts and Sciences. CASweb was created to support and facilitate the administrative functions of departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Its content and functionalities are thus primarily aimed at department heads and program directors, department managers, undergraduate and graduate advisors and coordinators, and curriculum coordinators. However, the site also provides useful information to other faculty and staff whose interest is more general or cursory or whose need for information is fairly irregular.


CASweb aims to supply relevant historical and current reports, to serve as convenient repository of germane policies and guidelines, and to distribute automated electronic processes, forms and tools for routine administrative procedures. To assure up-to-date information and content, CASweb as a rule provides links to existing UO websites whenever possible and appropriate.





This version of CASweb is the evolution of what began as the College of Arts and Sciences handbook, the first edition released in January 1994.  A second edition was printed in January 2004. Version 2.1 was released in PDF format in September 2005.  Effective February 2011, the handbook was converted to HTML format.  The handbook’s content has been updated on an ongoing basis ever since.  This version of CASweb was launched in September 2015.  






Minor revisions will be made when needed.  Minor revisions are limited to corrections such as punctuation, spelling, and rearrangement to improve readability.  Attachments and web links will be updated as changes occur.


Substantive revisions include changes that alter the policy intent or objective, significant changes to implementation procedures, or the addition of new policy.  Substantive revisions require approval by the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences prior to release. Substantive revisions will be documented including effective date, date of previous version, and a link to the most recent previous version (when applicable).





Access to areas in CASweb that do not contain confidential information is unrestricted. Access to areas in CASweb with confidential information is restricted to authorized users. Access is authorized by the CAS Dean's Office and at the request of CAS-unit staff.


Site Security

CASweb uses a state-of-the-art secure server connection to encrypt confidential information. Pages in CASweb containing confidential information are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the industry-standard protocol for secure, web-based communications. Protected pages use the HTTPS (secure HTTP) protocol (the address will start with https:// instead of http://). SSL encrypts the contents of a web page, thus preventing eavesdropping by unauthorized individuals while the data is en route between workstations and the CASweb server. Users can further enhance the privacy of the data by logging off or activating a password-protected screen saver before leaving the workstation. 


Cookie Policy

CASweb offers customized features that may rely on the use of ‘cookies’. Cookies are minute specs of information stored in your computer with the help of your browser. These cookies identify you in a unique way. They are used to remember the profile you established the first time you logged on, thus allowing you access to the information you need. They also permit us to facilitate your movement within the site, and prevent unauthorized access by switching off the connection after a pre-determined period of inactivity.



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