Moving Expenses

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Per IRS regulations, units must obtain prior and specific approval -- beyond the offer letter -- to disburse money for moving expenses. In order to meet this requirement, CAS units use the Moving and Relocation Expense Authorization form (see External Links to the right). This CAS form meets the "memo" requirement referred to on the Business Affairs Moving/Relocation Expenses page.

Approval and Expenditure of Moving Funds

  1. Refer to the offer letter for the amount of moving/relocation funds to be provided.
  2. Prior to the move, submit the Moving and Relocation Expense Authorization form.
    • For each source of funding, list the source in the Explanation field. Attach documentation for each funding source (for example, offer letter, email from a central office, etc.).
    • When you click "Save," the form will be sent to CAS.
    • This form fulfills Business Affairs's memo requirement.
  3. The originator of the form will receive email notification when it has been approved by CAS.
  4. After the form is approved by CAS, the unit may reimburse the employee and/or pay moving vendors directly.
  5. CAS will do a budget change into the employee's startup, after the expense posts.

If the moving expenses exceed the amount approved, please submit another form requesting the additional amount.

The IRS has detailed rules regarding allowable and non-allowable moving expenses. Some of the allowable moving expenses are taxable and reimbursement will be paid through payroll and reported to the IRS. Units should consult the guidelines on the Business Affairs website.


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