Short-Term Faculty Absences and Sick Leave

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Short-Term Faculty Absences and Travel 

See the Statement of Faculty Responsibilities (under Related Content on this page).

Faculty members are responsible for meeting their obligations during the instructional, advising and examination periods when away from campus. This statement does not cover those on leave without pay or sabbatical leave. Regular class sessions should not be cancelled because of illness, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances unless absolutely necessary. The faculty member must make reasonable efforts to find a qualified substitute instructor for the class and notify the department head of the outcome.

A faculty member planning to be absent from campus for five working days or less in a given term must ensure that all classes and other responsibilities are satisfactorily covered and must inform the department head in writing of these arrangements prior to departure.

A faculty member planning to be absent for more than five, but no more than ten, working days in a given term must obtain advance approval. The faculty member must submit a request to the department head stating the purpose and dates of responsibilities. The department head will indicate approval by returning a signed copy of the request to the faculty member.

Faculty absences of more than ten working days in a given term must be approved by both the department head and the Dean's Office. The faculty member should obtain written approval from the department head in the same fashion as outlined above. The department head will inform the dean by forwarding the request. Use the Absence Request Form for Faculty, linked in the sidebar on this page, to describe how they will meet their work-related obligations while away. The Absence Request Form must be approved by the department head and the divisional dean prior to the absence from campus.

Department heads and program directors are expected to follow the same policy, except that they report to the divisional dean of their area. A department head planning an absence from campus of five days or more must submit the Absence Request Form for Faculty (under Related Content on this page) to the divisional Dean prior to the absence.

Faculty Sick Leave Usage

For purposes of reporting sick leave usage, faculty are asked to assume an 8-hour work day Monday through Friday.

For example, if a faculty member is out for six weeks because of major surgery, they would report 6 x 40 hours, or 240 hours of sick leave. An absence of three days due to the flu would mean 24 hours of sick leave.