Faculty Pay Action Form

Last update: 03/03/2020 - 3:12pm


The University requires a Faculty Pay Action Form (see link in Related Content/External Links) for all Career, Pro Tem, and Fixed Term Faculty pay actions: new appointments, expansion of duties, retentions, reclassifications, and renewals with salary changes. Do not use this process for tenure track pay actions.


More information is available at the UO HR link in Related Content.



Here is CAS’s process for this form:

  1. Do not enter into salary negotiations or discuss proposed salary changes with candidates or employees until this form has been completed and approved.
  2. The department/program will complete the Faculty Pay Action Form up through Step 4 (if Step 4 is necessary).
  3. The divisional dean will complete the certification in Step 5 (if Step 5 if necessary). To get this certification, email the form to your divisional dean and cc your divisional specialist.
    • Natural Sciences units:  Include information about any comparators you considered; the selected candidate's CV, and a copy of the position description.
  4. The department/program will submit the form via the relevant personnel process (Step 6 on the form). For new hires, this means uploading to the offer card.