Policy on Payroll Request Forms

Last update: 04/13/2021 - 5:30pm

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Reason for Policy

To clarify and document CAS policies regarding Payroll Request Forms (PRFs) and the appointments and employee payroll modified using these forms. 


Entities Affected

CAS faculty and staff.


Enactment & Revisions

Enacted: 06/01/2013

Updated: 02/01/2016


Policy Statement

The CAS Divisional Deans must approve the Payroll Request Forms (PRFs) submitted by units.

Unit signature authority for PRFs is determined at the unit level.

Generally, all PRFs must be routed to CAS, except those for GTFs working during the academic year and summer research/admin GTFs. PRFs with grant-only labor distributions must be routed to CAS if the timesheet org is a CAS unit (i.e. not an institute). Labor distribution change PRFs need to be routed to CAS if the % on one or more CAS indices is changing.

Written documentation must be submitted with certain types of PRFs.

Summer research appointments (position BUOWSR) should be initiated with a PRF and the Payroll Accounting Webpage showing FTE and salary correctly corresponding to each other for the dates of appointment.

FTE may be changed via PRF for non-tenure track faculty, with documentation in the form of a memo from the department to the employee, or an email from the employee to the unit requesting or acknowledging the change.

Units must verify availability of funds. CAS does not verify that a unit has or will have sufficient funds to accomplish the changes initiated by any PRF.