Common Acronyms and Terms

03/29/2019 - 12:00am - Non-general fund beginning budgets due to the CAS Deans Office
Last update: 08/16/2017 - 9:01am

Alphabetical list of commonly used acronyms and terms in CAS

3PM- Planning, Public Policy and Management
AAAS- American Academy of Arts and Sciences
AAU- Association of American Universities
AEC- Accessible Education Center (formerly Disability Services)
AE- Academic Extension
AEI- American English Institute
AEIS- Academic English for International Students
ASA- Academic Support Account
Banner PROD- The production database that has the record copies of information
BAO- Business Affairs office
BC- Budget Change
BRP- Office of Budge and Resource Planning
CAMCOR- Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon - centralized instrumentation facility
CAS- College of Arts and Sciences
CAPS- Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
CASLS- Center for Applied Second Language Studies
CHC- Clark Honors College
CIS- Computer and Information Science
CLLAS- Center for Latino/Latina American Studies
CMAE- Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence
COLT- Comparative Literature
CPC - Campus Planning Committee
CRESS- Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality Studies
CRWR- Creative Writing
CSTDAC- Classified Staff Training Development Advisory Committee
CSWS- Center for the Study of Women in Society
DAC- Dean’s Advisory Council
DAG- Dean’s Advisory Group
DPS- Department of Public Safety
EALL- East Asian Languages and Literatures
EAP- Employee Assistance Program
EIF- Employee Information Form
ENVS- Environmental Studies
ESI- Environmental Science Institute
FASOM- Financial Administration Standard Operating Manual
FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FFE- Faculty Fund for Excellence
FIG- Freshman Interest Group
FIS- Financial Information System
FDW- FIS Data Warehouse
FMLA- Family Medical Leave Act
FOAPAL- Fund, Org, Account, Program, Activity, Location
FR- Financial reports shown on CASweb
FTE - Full Time Equivalency
FWIBUDG- a screen on Banner FIS that mimics what CASweb presents in its financial reports
GCIU- Graphic Communications International Union
GIP- Graduate Internship Program
GTF- Graduate Teaching Fellow
GTFF- Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation
GSS- General Social Science
HEP- High Energy Physics
HRDW- Human Resources Data Warehouse
HRIS- Human Resources Information System
IA- International Affairs
IE˄2- Institute of Ecology and Evolution
IMB- Institute of Molecular Biology
ION- Institute of Neuroscience
IR- Institutional Research
ITS- Institute of Theoretical Science
JV- Journal Voucher
LAS- Latin American Studies (a part of OCIAS)
LISB- Lewis Integrative Science Building
LWOP- Leave Without Pay
MNCH- Museum of National and Cultural History
MSI- Materials Science Institute
NAPO- Notice of Academic Position Opening
NAS- National Academy of Sciences
NILI- Northwest Indigenous Language Institute
NTTF- Non Tenure Track Faculty
OAR- Oregon Administrative Rules
OBM- Oregon Budget Model
OCE- Oregon Center for Optics
OCIAS- Oregon Consortium of International Area Studies (Russian, African, Latin American, Intl. Asian, European and Canadian Studies)
OHC- Oregon Humanities Center
OIMB- Oregon Institute for Marine Biology
OPE- Other Personnel Expense
ORS- Oregon Revised Statutes
ORSA- Office of Research Services and Administration
OSSHE- Oregon State System of Higher Education
OUS - Oregon University System
P&T- Promotion & Tenure
PAA- Payroll Accounting Adjustment
PAC- Personal Access Code
PAW- Payroll Adjustment Web
PCS- purchasing and contracting services
PIF- Personal Information Form
PO- Purchase Order
PRF- Payroll Request Form
PSC- Personal Services Contract
PWAAPPT- A screen on Banner that allows us to enter and review contracts electronically
RCS- Research Compliance Services
RDS- Research Development Services
REEES- Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (a part of OCIAS)
RIGE- Office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education
RL- Romance Languages
RTTP- Reacting to the Past seminars (role playing historical enactment seminars; College Scholars participate)
RTO- Request to Offer
SAG- Space Advisory Group
SVLV- Sabbatical Leave
SDW- Student Data Warehouse
SEF- Student Employment Form
SEIU- Service Employees International Union
SIF- Student Information Form
SIS- Student Information System
SPS- Sponsored Projects Services (replacing ORSA)
SSIL- Social Science Instructional Labs
TLC- Teaching and Learning Center
TSA- Technical Science Administration
UPS- Unclassified Personnel Services
WGS- Women’s and Gender Studies
WLA- World Language Academy
WOW- Week of Welcome
YE- Year End


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