Equipment Allocations

Last update: 08/21/2015 - 1:46pm

During the summer, CAS will determine units' equipment allocations for the coming academic year. These allocations are in addition to supplies and services budgets.

The following variables are taken into account:

  • A three-year average of student credit hours and instructional FTE;
  • The extent to which the unit's instructional mission is reliant on the availability of equipment and technology;
  • Historical spending patterns.

There are limited additional funds available, should units need small additional allocations in emergency situations. A unit match will likely be required. Units are expected to plan for periodic large purchases or equipment replacements by reserving part of each year's equipment allocation in future year account codes.

Budget for annual equipment allocations will be provided to units each year during period 3, in indices established for expenditures from these allocations. Balances remaining at year end may be carried forward into the next year, or preferably, moved into future year account codes.


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