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Reason for Policy

To clarify Summer Department Head and Coordinator stipends. There are two different stipends for the summer months: a stipend for Department Heads or Program Directors as compensation for service during the summer months, and a stipend for the faculty Summer Session Coordinator. The Summer Session Coordinator stipend must be funded by the department/program.


Entities Affected

CAS faculty and staff.


Enactment & Revisions

Enacted: prior to 06/01/2012

Updated: 09/28/2015


Policy Statement

Department Heads and Program Directors may receive a supplemental stipend for serving during the summer months, according to their letter of appointment.  If the Department Head/Program Director leaves campus for more than two weeks, a portion or the entire summer stipend should be paid to the faculty member who performs the Department Head/Program Director’s duties in their absence.

A faculty member -- either the department head or a different faculty member -- in each department may be designated as the Summer Session coordinator and receive a separate stipend of up to $1500 funded by the department. 



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