Policy on Department-level Foundation and Discretionary Spending

Last update: 09/13/2019 - 1:53pm

Reason for Policy

To state expectations for considerations to be made in discretionary and Foundation spending

Entities Affected

CAS department heads, program directors, and others with spending authority over discretionary and Foundation accounts

Enactment & Revisions

Enacted: 9/13/19

Policy Statement

When considering discretionary spending and spending from Foundation gift funds, include these steps in your process:

1. Follow the purpose of the gift fund. If the gift language requires consultation with the dean, consult (email is fine) with your divisional dean. If the gift language requires consultation with a committee (either a scholarship committee, your executive committee, or some sort of ad hoc committee), consult with the appropriate group.

2. In cases where the department head is considering spending that may appear to constitute a conflict of interest (e.g. regardless of the source of funds, the spending may appear to benefit the department head), consult with your divisional dean or your executive committee even if consultation is not a formal requirement. In order to protect against such conflicts of interest, the department head should not be the sole decision-maker on expenditures that may appear to benefit them.


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