Cognos Reports

03/29/2019 - 12:00am - Non-general fund beginning budgets due to the CAS Deans Office

The Integrated Data and Reporting website is at Each CAS department/program has a Cognos departmental folder that holds department-specific reports. If you are a report writer and have written a report that you would like members of your department to be able to run, please place the report in the Enterprise Folders/User Acceptance Testing/CAS folder and send an email to In the email, state your name, the name of the report and the purpose of the report or the expected output. One of the CAS advanced report writers will verify that the report displays the correct values and that it is formatted according to the IDR report standards. The link to the page that contains the report standards is Once the report is verified, it will be moved to your departmental folder. Departmental folders are in Enterprise Folders/Departmental Folders/College of Arts and Sciences/divisionname/departmentname. If you need permission to see a department folder, please put the request in an email to