Travel Approvals and Expenditures


04/17/2020 - 12:00am - CAS grant applications due to Dean's Office
Last update: 01/30/2019 - 11:19am


Purchase of travel and the travel reimbursement process are overseen by the UO Business Affairs Office. Travel forms and other documentation are found on the Business Affairs Travel web page (linked to the right).

Training and Authorization

Each unit should have its own travel coordinator who processes travel authorizations and reimbursements for department employees. In order to authorize travel expenditures for the department, including advance airfare and travel reimbursements, this person must follow the UO Business Affairs training and authorization process. Contact Business Affairs to set up these trainings and authorizations.

Department Head Travel Expenses

Department heads and program directors may not approve their own travel expenses on budgeted or designated operations funds. Miriam Bolton, Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations, will approve department head travel on behalf of the Divisional Deans.

Pre-Travel Authorization for Department Heads

The department head/program director must submit Business Affairs' Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Summary and the CAS Supplemental Questions for Department Head Pre-Authorized Travel to the Dean’s Office for approval by the Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations. If the travel is not funded by UO or a UO-administered grant, the CAS Supplemental Questions are not necessary. The Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Summary is on the Business Affairs Travel page, under External Links, to the right on this page. The CAS Supplemental Questions form is under Documents, to the right on this page.

Travel Reimbursement for Department Heads

After the travel, the department head/program director will submit the travel reimbursement request to the unit’s travel coordinator, who will process the reimbursement via Concur. 

Student Travel Expenses

Student travel payments may be processed either by submitting a Resource Aid Requisition (RAR) or by direct invoice through Banner FIS. The payment may be applied to the amount owed on the student's UO Billing account. The student should also be aware of tax implications of these payments.