Summer Research Appointments

Last update: 04/14/2017 - 4:07pm

During Summer term, units can appoint faculty to research positions using a PRF, if a faculty member had an unclassified appointment during the previous academic year, or will have an unclassified appointment during the subsequent Fall term. Most of these are for faculty doing work on grants. Some faculty have non-grant funding they can use for summer salary. A few units give faculty summer research or admin awards that are paid in this way. We also use these for pre-contract salary for new tenure-track faculty.

Documentation for Budgeted Operations Funds

If the employee will receive any amount of salary from budgeted ops funds, for example, the unit's OPX index, the PRF must be accompanied by an appointment letter from the Department Head to the employee stating the dates of compensation, the duties to be performed, and the amount of compensation or FTE. 

PRF Coding

  • Position - BUOWSR
  • Dates - Must be within 6/16/20xx to 9/15/20xx
  • Account code - 10204
  • Title - The employee's academic year title (for example, Assistant Professor or Sr. Instructor I)

FTE and Overloads

Please make sure that the appointment salary matches the FTE. Use the Payroll Accounting Webpage (PAW) for this.

If the employee has a summer teaching appointment or a second/third BUOWSR appointment during the same time period, check that this appointment does not result in an overload situation. If the employee has a summer teaching appointment, look up the RTO in Banner to get the appointment % for the teaching appointment. Faculty cannot receive more than 1.0 FTE in salary during the summer for any type of appointment or appointments.


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