Search Expenses and Campus Visits

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For each authorized tenure-related search, CAS will supplement departmental funds by $2000 per candidate for campus visit expenses, for up to three candidates. Units should track the search-related expenses on their general operating fund, using activity code BSRCH1. If a unit is running more than one search in a given fiscal year, use BSRCH2, BSRCH3, etc. 

Campus Visits

Each candidate who visits campus must be interviewed by the Divisional Dean. In addition, candidates for an appointment for which a tenure review is anticipated in the first year of the appointment may also be interviewed by the Dean and Provost. In these cases, units should begin preparing a regular tenure file, including teaching evaluations and external reviews from individuals other than those writing letters of recommendations for the initial hiring decision.

To arrange campus visits:

  • Prior to inviting candidates to campus, the department head should provide the Divisional Dean with a list of candidates the department would like to invite to visit.
  • After this consultation, and prior to the Divisional Dean meeting, the department submits the candidate's CV and letters of recommendation.
  • The Divisional Dean meeting should be scheduled two weeks in advance.

Campus Visits for Prospective Partner Hires

To arrange a campus visit for a potential partner hire, the department should work closely with the Divisional Dean. 



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