Retirement and Tenure Reduction Program

Last update: 08/19/2019 - 3:11pm


The University offers three options for tenure track faculty members approaching retirement: tenure relinquishment, tenure reduction, and retirement without participation in either of these programs. See the Human Resources links on retirement options and the TRP program for descriptions and details of these options.


The unit is responsible for initiating the PRF to terminate the tenure track position. Include a copy of the faculty member's written retirement letter stating the date of retirement.

Tenure Reduction Program (TRP)

This is the option that faculty choose most frequently. The Human Resources site includes information on the process for signing up. CAS has its own TRP Addendum that our faculty must use. If the faculty member uses the University's form, CAS will return the paperwork and ask for the CAS form.

The Human Resources TRP page lists the steps in the TRP process and who is responsible for each part of the process.

Faculty members on a TRP position are allowed five TRP appointments during their five-year position. One appointment is equal to:

  • .33 FTE for one academic year
  • .50 FTE for two terms
  • 1.0 FTE for one term.

Units are responsible for submitting the PRFs to initiate each TRP appointment. The PRF should contain the following information:

  • Position: TR2256
  • Dates: Contract dates corresponding to the appropriate academic term(s) worked
  • Labor distribution: Unit-specific TRP Index, account 1010D
  • Remarks: Indicate the course number, title, and CRN that the faculty member will teach, or describe non-teaching duties.

The Dean's Office will provide budget each term to cover the actual costs.


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