Records Management

Last update: 08/19/2015 - 1:30pm

CAS Units are responsible for maintaining their records in accordance with the UO Records Retention Schedule. Assistance is available from the Dean's Office with records management.

Generally, CAS Units are expected to maintain student files, faculty personnel files, classified employee files, departmental financial and administrative records, and any records or files as required by the College, University, state, federal, or outside agencies. The University Records Retention Schedule applies in all cases except when superseded by another agency. Retention periods are both a minimum and a maximum, and units are obligated to destroy files at the end of the retention period. If you are unsure whether or not your unit maintains the record copy, please contact the CAS Records Officer for assistance. Non-record copy records should be held for only as long as the business unit has a need.

For help in identifying whether or not something is a record, please see the Is It A Record? document. Further assistance is available from the CAS Records Officer.

Quick references are available for common departmental records which identify the record copy holder, retention period, and destruction method.

Please take care in maintaining confidentiality on student and personnel files. Files should be kept in locked cabinets in an area not readily accessible to the public.