Records Center, CAS

Last update: 12/16/2015 - 1:24pm


The CAS Records Center is a service to provide units with a secure location to store certain non-permanent records not accepted by UO Archives.

CAS Records Center does NOT accept permanent records or records that are scheduled for destruction with more than 15 years remaining on their retention period. Permanent Records and records with more than 15 years remaining on their retention period or permanent records can be sent to the University Archives Program. The UO Records Retention Schedule determines the retention period for records.

Custody of records stored in CAS Records Center remains with the originating department and access to those files is limited to authorized staff of that department and the CAS Records Manager.

Records can be retrieved after being sent to the CAS Records Center, and retrieval requests generally take 2 business days to fulfill.

The CAS Records Center accepts both full boxes and individual file folders of records. File folders must be labeled and neatly filed in expanding file pockets. Boxes must be standard records storage boxes (“bankers boxes”) with lids and handles, W=12" X L=15" X H=10".

Accepted Materials

The CAS Records Center accepts all types of paper materials defined as a record in the functional sections in UO Records Retention Schedule.

If you have other types of items that need to be stored, please contact the CAS Records Manager directly, we may still be able to accomodate you.

If you are unsure about identifying what items may or may not be considered records or you think you have a special case, please contact the CAS Records Manager.

Preparing Records for Storage

  1. Group and organize the records according to type. Multiple types can be stored within a single box, but not within the same file folder. If you are sending records from the same type with a large date span (greater than 1 year), please separate records by year.
  2. Only records filed in file folders in file pockets or boxes are accepted. CAS Records Center does not accept envelopes, hanging file folders, binders, etc. If you have an unusual sized item, please contact the CAS Records Manager directly for assistance.
  3. Leave records in their original file folders and do not overfill boxes.
  4. Fill out the CAS Records Index.
  5. Fill out the CAS Records Center records transmittal form and submit it with the records index attached. You will receive an email confirmation that the form was submitted.
  6. Wait to be contacted by the CAS Records Manager to arrange pickup and delivery of the records.

Next Steps

After your submission has been processed into the CAS Records Center, a copy of your records index and submission form will be sent to you for your records. Please retain this information as it can assist us in retrieving your records in the future if needed.