Major/Minor Add/Drop Changes

Last update: 01/11/2017 - 11:40am

Each unit should have a form or a formalized system by which undergraduate students declare their intent to add/drop/change majors/minors.

When the unit receives this information, units need to submit it to the Registrar's Office using the CAS Declaring Major/Minors form. Access to the Declaring Majors/Minors web application is restricted to those with the Department Manager, Undergraduate Advisor and/or Undergraduate Coordinator role in the Roles Administration tool. If you do not have access and think that you should, contact your department manager and request the appropriate CASweb role.

Registrar's staff will update the student's record in Banner. You may also select to notify unit advisors and administrative staff.

Use Banner form SGAADVR to assign advisors to new majors.