Initiating the Officer of Administration Search

Last update: 08/16/2017 - 9:09am


As soon as the unit is aware of an Officer of Administration (OA) opening paid from general funds:

  • Notify your Divisional Specialist of the opening. The Divisional Specialist will notify the Divisional Dean and the Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations and let the unit know when/if they have approved refilling the position.
  • After the Divisional Specialist has notified you that the position may be refilled, contact the Dean's Office as soon as possible for assistance with the MyTrack position description and job requisition, and the search process.
  • Use CAS's MyTrack Approvals Cheat Sheet to know which names to list in the approval workflows.

For OA positions that are not funded by CAS, the unit will submit the position description and job requisition in MyTrack for CAS approval, but does not need to work as closely with the Dean's Office on the search.





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