Index Creation

Last update: 08/06/2018 - 3:14pm


An index is a six-character shortcut for a unique combination of the Banner FOPA elements: a fund, an org, a program, and an activity code. 

To request a new index, you need to tell the Budget and Resource Planning office (BRP) the FOPA elements. It is important to make sure the program code is correct, as this is used for high-level decision making, and also to determine the University’s facilities and administrative (F & A) rate for grants. You can find the current Banner chart of accounts and lists of existing FOPA elements on BRP’s Chart of Accounts Reports page.

CAS indices must begin with a "B." The next two letters should be consistent with existing department indices.


Download the Chart of Accounts Form from the BRP site. 

  1. Fill out the Index worksheet. If your new index requires a new FOPA element, fill out the applicable worksheet(s).
  2. Email the spreadsheet to CAS’s assigned financial analyst in BRP, copying your CAS divisional specialist. You can find the current CAS analyst on the BRP Contacts page (in the linked Responsibility Units and Analysts document).
  3. You will be notified when the new index is set up.

At this time, CAS does not need to approve requests for new indices, but please do copy your divisional specialist.


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