Foundation Accounts

Last update: 06/22/2016 - 1:43pm

Transition to New Accounting Structure

During fiscal year 2016, the Dean's Office will be helping units transition to a new method of Foundation accounting. Foundation funds will be distributed to a system of Banner indices, as appropriate. The Dean's Office will work with each unit to determine which funds are appropriate to transfer to the Banner indices.

For details, see the "Welcome to the CAS Foundation Gift Project" document, linked on the right.

Spending Foundation Funds

For forms and detailed processes, please see the UO Foundation website. To obtain signature authority on Foundation funds for a new department head or program director, the unit needs to submit the Foundation's Signature Verification and Account Information Access Form. Route this form through the Dean's Office.


The Foundation provides several reports, including spendable cash reports, trial balance reports, quarterly distribution reports, new pledge journals, and an annual distribution projection. For assistance with these reports, please contact the Foundation directly.

Donor Relations

CAS suggests that units have a system in place to recognize donations and thank donors.

Please contact CAS Development for access to donor gift journals and guidance on donor relations and recognition. If your unit awards scholarships provided by donors, CAS suggests that you encourage the student recipients to send letters thanking the donor(s) and describing their studies and activities made possible by the gift.


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