Financial Reporting

Last update: 08/31/2018 - 12:30pm

Banner FIS

Banner FIS is the university's official accounting and budget record. It is essential that all CAS unit fiscal staff have access to Banner FIS for entering transactions, reporting, and reconciling. To set up training and access, see the Banner Guide Training page. Units develop their own routines to verify and reconcile Banner data.

There are several forms and reports in Banner FIS that help unit budget managers track their budgets and expenditures. For example:

  • FWIBUDG - Query balances and transactions by FOAPAL elements
  • FGIBDST - Query account balances within a fund or index
  • FWIORPT - Oracle financial reports created by the University
  • PWIPAYR - Payroll reports, including employee rosters
  • PWRPRMR - Query payroll expense by FOAPAL elements or employee

The Banner Guide has instructions for these and many other Banner screens.


Cognos Reports

All CAS budget managers and finance staff need to have access to Cognos financial reports. Cognos is the UO-wide system that will replace various other reporting systems on campus, including the Oracle reports currently available in Banner, and the CASweb Financial Report. As of July 2015, managers and department heads are receiving monthly Cognos finance reports in their email. These reports meet the requirement for department heads to review their units financial statements. Best practice is to review and reconcile when the reports are sent to heads and managers.

To get initial access to Cognos, go to the University's Integrated Data Reporting (IDR) website. The site has an access form and the schedule of required trainings. This site also lists contacts and help resources for the IDR/Cognos project.

Department managers who have Cognos access are set up to access their department folder(s). To navigate to your department folder: In the root folder of "Enterprise Folders," click the "Department Folders" link, then "College of Arts and Sciences," then the link for your academic division, then the link for your unit. 

You can execute any reports or report views in your department folder. Your department folder is likely to be empty now (February 2016). If someone in your department would like to put a report or report view into the department folder, please ask them to email Peter Campbell. In consultation with the author, Peter will make any minor changes necessary before publishing it, and also evaluate whether it would be useful for the entire college or the university.

You can put reports and report views that you need to run on a set schedule in the "Scheduled Reports" folder with no interaction with the Dean's Office

Please keep ad hoc reports -- those that you run once and then don't use again -- in your "My Folders" area.

If you have problems getting to your department folder, or need other department personnel to have access, please contact Peter Campbell.


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