Faculty Personnel Files

Last update: 04/19/2018 - 11:17am

Each faculty member has multiple personnel files as allowed by policy and union contract which determine access rights, records retention requirements, what is kept, and where it is kept. Supervisor's copies are maintained at the College level and the unit may also maintain a copy.

The purpose of the supervisor's copy personnel file is to store details of a faculty member’s appointment and conditions of employment, such as contracts, duties and responsibilities documents, agreements and memoranda of understanding, current vita, and related documentation. The department head is ultimately responsible for faculty personnel files maintained in the unit.  Delegation of that responsibility to the office manager should be explicit, either in a job description or some other form.

Personnel files are tied to a particular position held by the faculty member. If faculty member changes positions between GTF, Pro tem, Career-NTTF, courtesy, research, or TTF, during the course of employment, each position should have a separate file. If a faculty member teaches in other departments or programs, the department’s personnel file is kept in the faculty member’s tenure home.

Faculty personnel files contain personal information and so are maintained with strict confidentiality and should be stored in a secure location.  Generally, the faculty member and the faculty member’s supervisor (department head) have access to the file. The faculty member, however, does not have access to all portions of the file, such as confidential pre-employment letters of recommendation.  Also, a faculty member may waive access to his or her promotion file.

Each unit can devise their own system for organizing faculty personnel files.

Personnel records should be confidentially destroyed at the end of the retention period. 

For assistance with faculty personnel files, please contact the CAS Records Officer.