Department Manager Vacancy

Last update: 08/16/2017 - 9:05am


The Dean’s Office will manage the search process to replace your business/department manager, and may be able to assist with temporary coverage during the transition.  Please see notes below on both processes.

Searching for a New Manager

Here is an overview of the process for replacing an outgoing department manager. 

  1. Notify your Divisional Specialist of the opening. The Divisional Specialist will notify the Divisional Dean and the Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations and let the unit know when/if they have approved refilling the position.
  2. The Dean's Office will send the head/director the most recent position description, to be reviewed with the incumbent and returned to CAS with any changes.
  3. The unit must submit the position description via MyTrack, if the position description has changed.
  4. After the position description is approved, the unit submits a job requisition for that position description.
  5. CAS will screen applications and conduct intial interviews. The unit will assemble a search committee, to interview finalists identified by the Dean's Office, composed of at least the following:
    1. Department Head/Program Director
    2. Assistant/Associate Head or other unit representative if desired
    3. CAS divisional specialist
    4. Manager from a similar unit
      • Current unit staff may serve on a subcommittee that meets the finalists and provides feedback to the primary committee.
  6. Please note that all offers of employment for these positions must be approved by the CAS Assistant Dean for Administration and Operations (Miriam Bolton) prior to making an informal or formal offer. 

Temporary Coverage

CAS will work with you to identify resources to help cover the office in the absence of the departing business manager, if needed. CAS will provide you with information on one or more individuals to meet with and decide whether their skills are a good match for your needs. These individuals may not be available to manage your staff, but can take over specific projects and keep things moving until the new Department Manager begins work. 


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