Department Head and Program Director Compensation

Last update: 07/07/2017 - 4:25pm


CAS department heads and program directors are eligible for several types of compensation. The Dean's Office initiates the paperwork for all department head compensation.

Salary Increases

Most first- and second-time heads/directors are eligible for increases to their 9-month annual rate upon assumption of the headship or directorship. The Dean's Office will prepare the PRFs to initiate these increases and send copies to the units.

Academic Year Stipends

Incumbent heads and directors receive 9-month stipends while they are in the position. The Dean's Office will prepare the PRFs to initiate these stipends (and end them when applicable) and send copies to the units. Stipend amounts vary based on department size.

Summer Term Stipends

The department head or program director will also receive a summer term stipend, paid in August payroll. The Dean's Office will generate this PRF. If part or all of the summer head/directorship stipend will be paid to another faculty member, the unit must send an appointment letter to the faculty member, including dates of service and amount of stipend to be paid. Please send a copy of the appointment letter for any interim Summer heads to the Dean’s Office by July 1st. 


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