Courtesy Appointments

Last update: 11/27/2018 - 10:33am


A courtesy appointment provides University resources (ID card, library, email, parking privileges, etc.) to someone who is not a paid employee of the University. Courtesy appointments are generally extended to people who are collaborating with faculty members, or who are otherwise furthering the mission of a unit.

New Courtesy Appointments

See the HR Operations courtesy appointment link for instructions on initiating a courtesy appointment. 

Routing and Approvers

Enter your department head/program director in the Approval box on the first page of the form. On the submission page, enter Sherri Nelson as the Dean-level approver, and Tom Johnston (tomj2) as a cc.

Courtesy Appointment Renewals

See the Human Resources link. In recent years, courtesy renewals have been initiated and approved on a spreadsheet distributed by Human Resources.


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