Classified Searches

Last update: 12/19/2019 - 1:07pm

CAS Involvement

When a unit receives notice of a classified vacancy, or has been approved for a new classified position, the unit must contact the Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Operations (ADHRO) immediately to collaborate on the search. CAS needs to approve a classified employment offer before the offers is extended to a candidate.


See the Human Resources site for complete guidelines and processes.

Search Committees

The search committee for a classified position is responsible for ranking applicants, conducting interviews, checking references, and submitting interview and hire decisions to Human Resources via the Dean's Office.

The search committee needs to include at least the following people:

  • The position's direct supervisor
  • Someone in a similar position in a different department
  • The CAS divisional specialist (for admin/office positions)

Making an Offer

The Offer Proposal Form must be signed by the ADHRO before you upload it to the MyTrack requisition as outlined in HR's instructions. 



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