CAS Development

02/25/2019 - 12:00am - CAS scholarship nominations due to to CAS Development Office

Development is, by definition, the process of creating and enhancing relationships with (potential) donors.
It is the introduction of (prospective) donors to the university, building their interest in the university’s mission/goals, developing in them a passion for the mission and a commitment to the organization’s future, getting them to make the gift, and maintaining the relationship so that they will continue to support the mission and continue to give, both as volunteers and financially.

The College of Arts and Sciences development office acts as a liaison and provides the following services directly to our departments:

  • Provide mailing lists of alumni, donors and friends
  • Provide current mailing and email addresses (individuals or large lists)
  • Track individuals who have asked to be included in your mailings
  • Maintain address/phone updates (send to
  • Provide Honor Roll lists (lists of donors who have given and at what levels)
  • Provide Appeal Codes for tracking solicitations (required any time you ask people for money – for example, a giving coupon in a newsletter)
  • Provide direct giving urls for your websites
  • Provide information on foundation balances, fund uses and purpose language
  • Provide monthly gift journals for use in thanking donors and tracking gifts
  • Provide training on processes for stewarding donors
  • Provide support for scholarship stewardship in the departments and scholarship administration for the Dean’s office
  • Event coordination for alumni/donors (reunions or events with a fundraising/outreach aspect)
  • Process foundation account set up and paperwork
  • Answers questions related to the foundation and its accounts