Career Non-Tenure Track Hires


06/12/2020 - 12:00am - RTOs for 9 month NTTF (career and pro tem) instructors and researchers due to Dean's Office
Last update: 08/16/2017 - 8:59am

For new hires, the contract will be generated in MyTrack, the University's talent management system. For more information, see Human Resource's MyTrack training materials and resources. We will continue to update this page to reflect the new processes as information becomes available.

The RTO (Request to Offer) is the document that will generate the formal Notice of Appointment and Contract that the employee will receive and sign. Renewal RTOs for career NTTF are initiated by the units using the Banner screen PWAAPPT. Department managers and anyone else who will be generating RTOs need to have training and access to PWAAPPT. To get this access, contact Human Resources. The RTO Cheat Sheet, created by Dean's Office staff, has detailed field-by-field instructions for RTOs.

Your divisional specialist will review the RTO for CAS signature, then forward it to Human Resources.


Unit --> Dean's Office --> Human Resources --> VP/Provost --> Payroll

RTOs can be tracked in the Log tab in PWAAPPT.