Budget Changes, Fund Transfers, and Journal Vouchers

03/29/2019 - 12:00am - Non-general fund beginning budgets due to the CAS Deans Office
Last update: 05/19/2017 - 8:59am

Budget Changes

A budget change is a Banner transaction that moves budget from one FOAPAL string to another. Budget changes can be recurring (part of a unit's permanent yearly budget) or non-recurring (one-time transfers). 

  • When CAS moves budget between the Dean's Office and units, Dean's Office staff will create the Banner transaction.

  • When a CAS unit moves budget to a unit other than the Dean's Office, the granting unit should create the Banner transaction.

  • Unit staff are not authorized to enter recurring budget changes. These must be approved and entered by the Dean's Office.

  • Budget changes submitted in Banner by unit staff will go into a CAS approval queue monitored by the divisional specialists.

  • Period 1 is reserved for beginning budget to post. Period 2 (August) is the first month in the fiscal year in which a temporary budget change can be posted.

If you do not have authorization to perform budget changes in Banner, you may fill out the BAO budget change form and send it to CAS. Your divisional specialist will enter the transaction. Supporting documentation must be submitted to the Dean’s Office for any transfer to a non-CAS unit.

Fund Transfers

A fund transfer is a budget change between funds. Units should submit fund transfers to the Dean's Office on a fund transfer form, available on the BRP website.

Journal Vouchers

A journal voucher (JV) does not "move money" or move budget. Rather, it moves expenses. For example, if an expense were posted to the incorrect index or FOPA, a JV could be entered to move that expense to the correct index or FOPA.

JVs may be done across fund types. They may not be used to move salary expense. If you need to move labor expense after the fact (but within the current fiscal quarter) please use a Payroll Accounting Adjustment or the Banner screen PHAREDS.

Budget Changes vs. Journal Vouchers

A budget change moves budget from one string of FOAPAL elements to another. A journal voucher moves expense. Make sure you understand which type of transaction you need to enter before you begin and how entering a budget change differs from entering a journal voucher with regard to rule codes, signs, etc. If you need help, contact your divisional specialist or the Business Affairs Office.

Training and Instructions

Department managers and accounting staff are responsible for entering their own journal vouchers. The Business Affairs Office offers the necessary training to enter these transactions. See the BAO training page for details.


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