Academic Year Class Scheduling

Last update: 08/25/2016 - 10:06am


Each unit is responsible for planning and entering its term course schedules in Banner. If you have questions about entering your courses in Banner, please contact the Academic Scheduling unit in the Office of the Registrar.


Each unit is responsible for establishing the process it will use to plan its curriculum for the academic year. Units are strongly encouraged to plan for the entire year at one time, at least to the extent that this makes it possible to forecast instructor hires for the beginning budget process early in Winter term.

Data Entry

Banner Access: To get access to the Banner academic scheduling forms, unit staff must be trained by Academic Scheduling staff from the Registrar's Office. See the External Links section of this page for Banner data entry resources.

  1. Print and update scheduling proof (optional)
  2. Enter schedule (Banner)
    1. SSASECT - Use during open data entry to build classes, make changes, or delete classes.
    2. SSADSCT - Limited data entry through week 7 of a term: add/remove/change instructor; adjust enrollment; add/remove unit or instructor approval.